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Welcome to fomara BritishTown

Why fomara BritishTown?

fomara British Town language schools, with years of training experience of over 20 years in many areas, provides "specific training programs" to the national and international markets with industry and business training and consulting services. By making innovations in foreign language education which is the most effective tool in integration with the world British Town helps the development of the students and employees, and supports them to increase productivity.

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Training Schedule

General English Course

  • 25 February 2018
  • fomara

Level: A1

Starts at: 09:30

General English Course

  • 03 March 2018
  • fomara

Level: A2

Starts at: 13:00

General English Course

  • 10 February February 2018
  • fomara

Level: B1

Starts at: 17:00

General English Course

  • 20 February 2018
  • fomara

Level: B2

Starts at: 13:00

Our Courses

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If you have any questions about our courses and training schedules, you can call our branch to learn more.

Why Us?

Classes 5-6

You will feel special at our classes 5-6.

Best Teachers

Our teachers are experts who has master degrees in English Study

Best Materials

Our training materials consist of books arranged according to the European Language Portfolio.

Best Price

BritishTown is the right place to get a good education with lower prices.


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